Expert Evaluations and Leading-Edge, Ongoing Treatment

Psychiatry Networks is a physician-led, premier provider of mental health and telepsychiatry services. With more than 13 years of focused experience in telepsychiatry services, Psychiatry Networks delivers expert evaluations and leading-edge, ongoing treatment to patients suffering from a range of mental health disorders, where and when they need it. In complement, we offer vital support and education to families and friends of those seeking care.

The Need for Mental Health Services

The need for traditional and remote mental health services continues to grow. It is estimated that between 20-25 percent of individuals ages 18 and older in the United States currently suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. This figure represents 45 – 58 million Americans, two-thirds of whom do not receive treatment due to an inability to access or afford care. In conjunction, inpatient and residential treatment options are declining while the popularity of outpatient options steadily increases. Psychiatry Networks was founded with the purpose of closing the service gap for those who require, but are unable to receive care.


Psychiatry Networks affords clients immediate access to an extensive array of services, including the following:

  • Psychiatric assessments

  • PTSD assessments and treatment

  • Individual therapy

  • Sleep disorder evaluations

  • Bereavement counseling

  • Education services

  • ADHD evaluations

  • Neurological analysis and interpretation


The extensive benefits of working with Psychiatry Networks include the following:

  • Enhanced access to leading mental health expertise, particularly for underserved populations

  • Flexible scheduling that includes evening and weekend appointments

  • Reduction or elimination of costs associated with hiring and maintaining onsite mental health staff

  • Discreet treatment for patients who previously did not desire or were prevented from seeking counseling

  • Real-time, face-to-face mental health treatment using secure video technology